Got a problem!


I bought a USB stick with an integrated mp3 player to hear audio books. But always when I copied a couple of selected files to the stick windows didn't pay any attention to the order of the files. This might not be a big problem if you just want to hear some music. But it isn't really funny if you hear some radio plays. I always split my audio books with 'mp3splt' in to 5 minutes pieces. You can imagine how less this mashing is satisfying me.

Solved it!

Solved It

So I wrote this little JAVA application which will keep the alphabetic order of the files by copying them bit by bit to the told destination.

how to start

If you installed JAVA 6.0 on your system you can normally do it by an simple double click. If this won't work start it by "java -jar usbcopywizard.jar"

how to use


It is really easy to use. You can select the target destination and sources either by typing the location in or using the file chooser or even by drag and drop.

Have fun and contribute if you want.